Version 2

The second major version of KILB Product Designer is a huge update introducing a lot of improvements - especially for developers.

What’s new?

Source Code Available

  • The source code of the Frontend & Backend implementation is now available for all our customers
  • Add your own plugins & compile a custom build of the designer

Improved UI & Design

  • Now built with Tailwind CSS for rapid UX & UI development
  • A more clean and intuitive design

Add images with a single button

  • Simplified UX: There’s just one button to add/upload images

No API key required

  • No need to enter an API key anymore
  • Shopware’s API authentication will be used instead

Improved customizability

  • Custom JS/CSS via configurations is still supported and recommended for most customers
  • Custom JS can now access Vue.js store for even better customizability
  • If you want to make deeper changes to the compiler you can now implement your own plugins and compile the designer for yourself

Better API Communication

  • Communication with shop server will now use GraphQL protocol
  • This means less requests and a standardized way of communication

Updated Dependencies

All the JavaScript dependencies were updated to it’s newest version, most notably:

  • fabric.JS: from version 3 to version 5
  • Vue.js: from version 2 to version 3, using Composition API now Code Cleanup
  • Strict code style rules were added and will be automatically checked by ESLint
  • Vue.js components were split into many and are now way more light weight
  • New business code layer to share logic between components

Automated tests

  • Integrated for automated acceptance tests

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